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Welcome to Abelan!

You are an adventurer in the ancient continent of Abelan. During the time, a conflict is going on between two major factions; The Silver Legion and The Oathbound. Start by choosing which side to fight for, then complete various mission to earn the respect and reputation you will need later.

Craft and Trade With Other Player

Craft items and equipment from materials you found while doing mission, or trade stuffs crafted by other people in the market.

Create Your Own Guild

Join a guild or found your own guild and decide what's the focus of your guild.

Develop the Region

Contributes to the region development to increase resource production, defence and unlock new perks for the region.

Conquer the Continent

Initiate a conquest and provide the war fund. Enlist the help from all those you had helped questing before and lead your faction to conquer the whole continent of Abelan.